Massage is an ancient form of relaxation and healing which also promotes a sense of well-being.  Apart from removing tension from muscles, other benefits include :


* Increased blood circulation helping quicker delivery of  oxygen and nutrients

* Speeded up digestion system

* Improved lymphatic drainage removing toxins from the body

* Increased white blood cell production helping to fight off infection

* Reduced mucous in the lungs

* Increased red blood cell production

* Tissue regeneration

* Improved sleep quality

* Improved posture

* Improved muscle tone

* Increased energy levels

* Lowered blood pressure

* Boosted energy levels


In addition some psychological benefits are :


*  Increased alertness

*  Reduced anxiety

*  Reduced fatigue

*  Improved ability to monitor stress

*  Improved concentration

*  Reduction of depression

*  Stress reduction



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